Summer work and summer fun

My first summer as an Assistant Professor has officially come to an end. While I am sad to see summer go, it is also nice to see students back on campus once again and to see more of my colleagues. I’m also happy to see that the food trucks are back.

My summer started with a visit by my Mom (yay!) and the arrival of my fantastic IRIS intern, Em. Em spent the summer working on a project to image crustal deformation in the Basin and Range Province (i.e., Nevada to the non-geologists). Em’s results are very promising and we hope to have a manuscript draft completed before AGU this year. Em blogged about his summer as in IRIS intern here-

(As an aside, I would highly encourage undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in seismology to check out the IRIS internship program. Applications are usually due in February but as with many things, please check the website for complete instructions.)

In other exciting work news, my paper on lithospheric anisotropy in the Superior and Wyoming cratons was accepted! I’m currently working on a blog post describing the results and hope to have it online soon.

One a final note- One of the things that I have really come to enjoy about Southern California is the proximity to lots of truly amazing outdoor spaces. There is rarely a weekend where I am not out and about exploring or hiking with the family. Last week we visited Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, where we camped, hiked, swam and played. I’ve included a few of my favorite pictures below. I hope you enjoy!



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